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Description: A model of one of my cupboards in my appartment :o)


Description: Just a quick model created for an art project concerning the "Golden Cut". All the proportions are similar to the original one in Athens. Has a shader, that can make the roof invisible over time so you can have a bird's view into the temple.

Description: This tower is relatively low-poly, so I suggest using it in the background of your scene. But if you add a decent shader including bumpmap to it you can get good results up close as well!

Description: This house was originally created for the "building a Castle"-tutorial as the keep, but with the right texture you can include it in a modern scene as well.

Description: This castle was originally created for the "Building a Castle" - tutorial, and you may now use it for your own scenes!


Description: A spotlight, best used somewhere in the background, for it is not very detailed.

Description: A Zen-Garden. The sand is a Nurbs-Plane, so you can draw anything you want into it using the "Sculpt-Geometry"-tool. The stones are a little reflective, just like the normally polished stones in Zen-gardens are.

Description: This book is done using the absolute minimum requirements of nurbs and Polygons only allowing you to render faster if you have many of those books on a shelf somewhere in the background! Includes a shader that makes the pages look like there are several hundred of them although you only have got one box actually.

Description: A well, as the name suggests... Does not include a rope however...

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28.11.2010: An all new videotutorial is up and running (3 parts so far): The Domino Effect (Dynamics) 2