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Car Rig with Ubershockies 2.0.0
Description: created by Aaron Parker
Simple to use. Root, Body, Wheels, Boot and Bonnett controls is a wrap. Body and wheels can be keyed independently and shocks expand and compress accordingly.
The underlying rig can be used with any geometry. If you dont like mine, then just delete it and parent yours to the control object in the "untouchables" layer.




Doggy Spacecraft
Description: This is a spaceship that looks a little bit like a dog, or at least I think that. Inorder to safe discspace I uploaded it in a rough version, you will still have to smooth it once or twice to get it to look like mine :)

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28.11.2010: An all new videotutorial is up and running (3 parts so far): The Domino Effect (Dynamics) 2