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Finally my exams are over ... well, almost, anyway and I can once more work on this website in order to improve its usability and its content. I thank you all for not avoiding this site while I was gone, and I promise that there will be heaps of new stuff online, soon. As a sign of things to come I added a feature that I had wanted to add for a long time now: a rating system. Actually I just added it to the tutorial section, for I'd like to see how people respond to that and also whether or not it actually works ^^. If it does, I'll add that to the rest of the page as well. Anyway, thanks for your commitment to this website ;-)


As it is storming like cracy outside I have some spare time on my hands for creating a new tutorial. As the "Dynamics And Effects" category was empty until now I created a beginner tutorial on Dynamics in Autodesk Maya which is called "The Domino Effect - Basic Dynamics in Maya". I hope you like it, as always.


Today is all about pigs :) I created the Creating a Cartoon pig in Maya tutorial and also made the result of this tutorial available for download. I hope you like it :)


Well, now that was a lot of hard work... I just learned today that where all the videos on this page were hosted is closing down due to financial, and I guess legal issues.

As sad as this might be, I had to find a way to still be able to have the videos on the site, so I just decided to upload the vital stuff to my own webspace? I am afraid it may cause a lot of traffic, but hey, what can you do... ;-)

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that nothing here will change due to stage6's forced shutdown.


In order to show you some love on Valentine's Day I now give you something I like very much: the Car Rig with Ubershockies 2.0.0, which was created by Aaron Parker. I like it a lot, and I hope you do, too.


Just added a new feature "of the week" (the last featured animation was more like a feature of the month ;-) ): Egghunt.


Well, as you may have noticed I didn't have too much time for this website in the past few weeks, but now I am back with heaps of great ideas for new tutorials and stuff...
Well, I will start a "Create a haunted house" tutorial today, which will be, just as the "building a castle"-tutorial in several parts.
I did, however, already change something today: I added information about the tutorials for your conveniance. These details will be used in the future as well in order to allow you easy sorting by date, author and name. I hope you like it.


The trailer for the "34. Internationales Filmwochenende Wuerzburg", an international moviefestival in my hometown, got finished today. You can watch it here. I hope you like it.


Today I redesigned the frontpage in order to make it more attractive and user-friendly. Also I added the "This week's Feature"-thingy you can see on the left. I think I will change it into a random content function soon, but until then it stays another link to the feature.


I just created another tutorial, This time about Wireframe Renders in Maya. I hope you find it to be useful!


YAAAAAAAY! Good news everyone! After a lot of work that took for ... like ... forever, I finally finished ma first real 3D character animation including full lipsync :o) You can find it here. Enjoy.


Update for today: I added another animation movie to the "Featured Art" section, called cane-toad. It's hilarious, check it out!

I also created some banners, so if you want to link to this website, which would be much appreciated, you can do so easily now.

Also, I uploaded a new polygonal modeling tutorial, called "Easily create awsome abstract objects"


Some of you may or may not have noticed, but I just created a logo for this page. It's not perfect yet, but it's good for now :-) Every aspiring website needs a logo! I hope you still like it, and if you have any other ideas just email me (Contact).

I also just added a new section with one category so far. The section is called "Features" and I will post good animation movies and maybe graphics that I find on the Internet there.


After quite a while, another tutorial is done and up :o) This time it is about creating a planet with a nice texture. It's the first tutorial from the Texturing and Rendering""-category, and hopefully not the last one ;-)


Once more is a grand day for this site. I finally finished reprogramming the new design! I like this one a lot more than the old one, and hope you do, too.

Although this is great, there is one thing missing, being a logo. I originally wanted to use the Maya-Logo, but as I am not a registered reseller or something, I am not allowed to. Does anybody have ideas about a logo? If yes, please write me an email to

Not all the links work, yet, for example the registering and signing in buttons don't do anything for now, but I hope to have the programming of the necessary scripts soon. So stay tuned for a lot of great, new features!


Well, it's a new year and that means time for change! I am working on a new design for the website once again, and a preview version can be found at I am now waiting for the members of 3Dbuzz to evaluate said design before I actually put it online.

I decided to change the design because the last one didn't feel very inviting and somehow didn't please my own eye anymore ;-) I hope you will like the new design (well, actually I am sure you will, for ich f*cking ROCKS! ;-) )

That being said I wish you a lot of fun browsing my page, and if you have any suggestions email me at . Thank you!


Today is a grand day for this site! No, actually, not really XD I just created the first (out of hopefully) many video tutorials for Autodesk Maya, and I chose to begin with a general Maya-for-Newbies series ^^ Enjoy!


I just deleted the links to Textures and Reference material, for I don't want to confuse the visitors with categories that do not contain any content, yet. As soon as I have got some real content on the page I will come back to those categories and reupload them, but till then these categories won?t be accessible any more ;-) It's not that anyone is going to miss them, for my counter showed only 2 hits to those pages anyway XD


Finally! The new layout is online! I will still have to adjust the size of the images, but it's ok for now I guess :)
The images are fixed now, and the website is complete :) Now it's back to creating the content ^^


I am still working on the new design... Takes a lot longer than I thought... So I decided to upload the "old" page again so you still have access to the content... Sorry for the delay and the inconveniance!


Just to let you know what I am doing: I finally found a decent design for this website, it's a free template, but I have totally fallen in love with it ^^ Right now I am trying to implement the page into it... Watch out, a new age is dawning... ;-)


I just uploaded part 4 of the Building a Castle tutorials, which includes a final render as well!
The scenefiles for the tutorials are now downloadable under "Objects". I also added the complete scene under, well, "Complete Scenes". I also fixed a few minor mistakes in my php...


Pew... that was a lot of work... I upgraded the Download -> Objects - section with new pictures and a previewpage now... I guess the next thing will be a ratingsystem or something... Got any suggestions? email me (
I also added another tutorial, a very long one... It's called "Building a castle part 1".
Wow, with my new screencapturing-programme creating tutorials is a lot faster and more comfortable :) just uploaded part 2!
Part 3 is now online as well!


Added another object.
Right now I am redoing the page once again to enable more features, stay tuned!


Just uploaded a few more objects.


A few minor design-tweaks, nothing special. Added a see-all-news-feature, but that's all really (English test tomorrow, so not much time today ;-) )


Guess what I did today? I redid the whole page completely again for a very nice person at made me alert that there was a serious security-breach in my coding... Well, I am just getting started with PHP, so that's nothing to worry about yet I guess ;-)


I have been working all night, but I finally managed to convert the site to php :)
Pew... Now I have most things sorted... For the beginning at least... There are a lot of festures to come, rating for example, or uploading... ^^ Stay tunes ;-)
GREAT NEWS!!!!! This homepage is now completely written in php and we have got a real hostingservice now, not one of those free but slow ones :)


The first tutorial is online! It's about motion path animation :o) Check it out!


More content is constantly being uploaded, for example the very first Model, the Parthenon. Also, the first Textures are online! And, the first ones of my very own animations are online, the WIP "Die Axt" and the finished project "Space Ballet"


I start creating this site and the first bits and pieces even go online at exactly 11:11 pm ... isn't that cool? ^^

Latest update

28.11.2010: An all new videotutorial is up and running (3 parts so far): The Domino Effect (Dynamics) 2