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Welcome to

Here you will find, as the name suggests, everything you need for 3D animation in Maya. Well, almost everything...

If you have created any material such as tutorials, objects, rigs, shaders or something else that you would like to see posted here, please contact me. I would love to have users send me their material.

There will be a member's area soon where you can upload your stuff yourself, but for now everything has to go via email.

Enjoy your stay on this site!

What is this all about?

Everything on this site is for the 3D-Programme Autodesk MAYA. If you have never heard of it before I highly advise you to download the free trial of Autodesk Maya 8.5. You will love it, I am sure!

Featured Art

This week's Featured Art is Scanline Flowline VFX, an awesome fluid animation.

Latest update

28.11.2010: An all new videotutorial is up and running (3 parts so far): The Domino Effect (Dynamics) 2