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Free Autodesk Maya Tutorials: General Tutorials

Getting started with Maya - An introduction to Maya

Hi and welcome to this Introduction to Autodesk Maya. If you have played around with Maya already, you have probably noticed that sometimes things get quite complicated if you don't know what the hell you are doing.

That's why I am going to try to explain the fundamentals of Maya to you, so you can master it without any prior knowledge. I am at adding one tutorial a day, each one closed in itself. Sometimes the "tutorials" will contain some or even a lot of theory, sometimes they're really hands on and you'll learn what to do by doing it. I am going to try to find a certain balance between these two, if I don't entirely succeed I am sorry ;-) It will be a mix between video tutorials and written tutorials, always depending on what I think to be most fitting.

Anyway, I hope these tutorials help you develop some skills with Maya with whom you'll be able to create the most awesome projects. If you completed one of the tuts and would like to show me your result, fell free to email it to me. Also, if you've got problems don't hesitate to contact me. My email can be found at the bottom of every tutorial.

Good luck, and hopefully you have got a lot of fun!


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Added: 2008-05-28 by Lollylan

Do you have a question about one of the tutorials or are stuck somewhere? Feel free to contact me. I am always glad to be able to help!

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28.11.2010: An all new videotutorial is up and running (3 parts so far): The Domino Effect (Dynamics) 2