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How to start and manage a project

Did you ever have the problem that you created a project, a big one, and then halfway through lost the general overview or got sidetracked or something else happened that prevented you from finishing the project?

That?s about to change! Just follow these step-to-step-directions and you will never f**k up a project again!

If you are working on a paid project, giving up is not an option anyway. But even if you are working for yourself you should never give up, either! Every project helps you developing your skills, but if you give up every time you encounter a difficulty you will never get better!

Good luck with your projects!

Added: 2008-02-02 by Lollylan

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28.11.2010: An all new videotutorial is up and running (3 parts so far): The Domino Effect (Dynamics) 2