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Building a Castle Part 2

In this tutorial we will continue working on the castle we created in part 1. If you skipped the first part you can find the .mb-file of the first tutorial in the downloads section.

This is, what our scene should look like:


Now that we have got our gatehouse it is about time to create a gate for it. In order to do so we just create a Polygon box and scale and move it until we like the position. It is also advisable, if you want to animate the scene later, to move the pivot as shown in the picture below, but if you don?t want to animate your scene this doesn?t change anything.


Now we need a chain for our gate. I created mine by just duplicating scaled toruses. I also added small boxes in order to connect the bridge with the chain.


I made a mistake here, form y bridge was to high and to far away, but I fixed that by just moving it and then rotating and scaling the chain (it?s advisable to group the chain before you do that!).


Once the repair was done I duplicated the whole chain once fort he other side oft he bridge.


Now we are going to create the actual gate. I recreated the one we have at the castle here in my hometown which mainly consists of coppery spikes. I created tubes first, and then created the spike at the lower end by extruding the faces on the bottom and scaling them in. Then I used ?Merge to Center? for the Vertices on the very end of the spike in order to get a clean mesh:


I duplicated the one spike (Duplicate Special) and got this as a result:


Now just add the horizontal bars, and the result looks rather convincing:


Well, it?s about time to create a few surroundings. As those surroundings should look smooth and natural it?s no good to work with Polygons but I created a Nurbs-plane instead:


Now just add a few UV-patches:


And now use the Sculpt Geometry Tool to create the moat and voila, the basic surroundings are done.



This concludes the second part. In the third part we will create the keep inside our fortress?s walls.

Continue with part 3

Added: 2008-02-01 by Lollylan

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