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Revolve or How do I create a cup using only one curve?

If you have played around with Maya for a bit you have probably mostly worked with polygons. Creating a cup for example is not hard at all, just a few extrudes and your model is complete. But this model is either very ?edgy? or has got a lot of faces and thus needs a lot of time to render. A very good alternative is creating a Nurbs ? object. In this tutorial we are going to create a simple gup from a curve, there are of curve other ways to model with Nurbs.

If you imagine a cup you could think of it just like a curve that is rotated once . And this is exactly what we are going to do.

First, we are going to create the curve. For the first and the last point of the curve we need ?Snap to Grid? to be activated for it is very important that the first and the last points are on the y-axis.

We are going to use the ?EP Curve Tool? for this.

Now create in the Orthographic side-view something like this (remember: the first and the last curve-point need to be EXACTLY on the y-axis!):

Now we hit [Enter] to end the curve-creating-tool and select our curve. Click on the ?Revolve? button and see what happens:

Although our curve wasn?t very exact or anything the result is not bad at all.

Now just add a anisotropic-shader and a few lights maybe and render your image!

Pretty good for only two minutes of work, isn?t it?

Added: 2008-02-01 by Lollylan

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